Artists in Paris-The Sunday Oregonian
Artists in Paris adamant to keep the traditional low-income squats.

Merchant of Venice -The Jewish Review

Oklahoma City -The Jewish Review
Oklahoma City, first person: Finding the right place in the wrong place.

San Miguel  De Allende– The Jewish Review
An affordable Mexican vacation with Jewish roots.

Angels Fall-The Business Journal, Oregon
Wilson’s Angels Fall moves in choreographed collisions.

San Miguel De Allende Horses– Atención News
Andalusian Monks kept horses pure for 800 years.

Film Reviews for the Corvallis Gazette Times and The Business Journal

Amadeus scores on film; it’s clearly a see-sharp.

Greystoke will leave Tarzan devotees howling.

Fritz Lang’s Metropolis
Moroder sets Metropolis to film, color.

Prince’s Purple Rain
Purple Rain pours from artist’s heart.

Candy turns ‘Splash’ into outrageous comedy.