Documentary Films and Videos

See YOUTUBE for a selection of Baross films.

The Sunlight Experiment – 2012

The building of a solar community
Credits: writer, director, camera

Everyone Hates My Dog – 2012
Interviews with neighbors about my dog, Tasmania, who has no people skills.
Credits: writer, dir, edit, camera

That Five Star Feeling – 1999
An inspiring philosophy of how to live the good life from an 83 year old painter who lived in London for 30 years and has returned to the US full of humor and opinions and her delicious art.
Credits: writer, dir, producer, camera, lyricist
Awards: Women in the Directors Chair, Chicago,1999.

Oregon Jews – 1993
The history of Jews from Columbus to the Eastern European ghettos to Oregon’s high society.
Credits: Prod, Dir, Writer, videographer
Showings: Broadcast OPB, March 1994.
Awards: Cindy Award,1994, US International Film and Video,1994

In the Footsteps of Columbus – 1992
For Neva Shalom… Jewish life in Oregon.
Credits: Prod, Dir, videographer

Pioneer Women – 1991
For Clackamas Historical Society. Aired on A&E Channel. The trials of pioneer women from their own moving and sometimes angry diaries.
Credits: Prod, Dir, Videographer

Pacific Rim International Symposium – 1990
Oregon Historical Society.

Rocky Road – 1987
KOIN-TV Special. The true story of Billy Rancher’s short life. A beautiful, talented young man on the verge of super rock and roll stardom.
Credits: Writer, Director, Producer
Awards: Houston International Gold special jury 1988, Columbus International 1987, Hawaiian Film Festival 1987, Silver Cindy,1987

A Place I used to Know – 1986
NW Film Center: A Grant High Senior class in Oregon who are mostly minorities, interview displaced Jewish elders in a moving documentary about living together.
Credits: Producer

The Healing Touch – l984
Rogers CableTV. Reike and other hands on techniques.
Credits: Videographer, Co-producer

International Adlerian Society – 1982
Filmed in Europe.2 hrs.
Credits: Director, Camera

As If by Magic – 1982
A puppet-maker lovingly builds the characters for the opera “Carmen” by Bizet and then puts on the opera with the help of the characters she created. Arias by The Portland Opera.
Credits: Producer, Director, Camera, Writer
Awards: Cine Golden Eagle, 1982, Bumbershoot,1982

Happy Feet – 1981
The story of a one woman and her very unusual Jewish family.
Credits: Producer, Director, Writer, Camera

Oregon Woodcarvers – 1981
Four very different wood carvers in Oregon show their techniques and share their philosophies of art.
Credits: Producer. Director, Writer, Camera
Showings: American Film Festival, 1982, Artquake, 1981, Midwest Film Festival, 1981, NW Film Study Center, NW Motion Picture Seminar, Athens Film Festival

Heart of the Valley – 1975
The history of the Willamette Valley, Oregon, the characters and some unusual stories from the people who built the towns.
Credits: Prod, Dir, Writer, Edit, Camera

Nothing Comes Easy – 1974, Gotta Start Somewhere – 1973
Oregon State Documentaries of media programs for youth at risk
Credits: Producer/Director/Writer/Edit/Camera)

Fulltilt Finale – 1970
Three friends solve a crime in early Seattle.
Credits: Prod, Dir, Edit, Camera – Karl Krogstad

Film Grants

OSU Bicentennial Committee,1976.
Oregon Art Commission, 1986.
Oregon Council for the Humanities, 1991,92.
Meyer Memorial Trust,1992.
Jackson Foundation, 1992.


Documentary Film Awards

 Women in the Director’s Chair, Chicago,1999
International Film and Video Festival,Illinois.1994.
Cascade Awards, Portland, Oregon, 1994
International Women’s Day. Boston. 1992.
Houston International, Gold Special Jury Award.1988.
C.I.N.D.Y., Silver Plaque, L.A..l987.
Columbus International Festival.Chris Bronze Plaque.1987.
Hawaiian International Film Festival,  selected, 1987. NWFVC. Young People’s Film and Video Festival Award. 1986.
National Education Film
Festival.Best of Category.l983.
Cine Golden Eagle.l982.
Bumbershoot.Seattle.Winner. l981.l982.
Artquake. Portland.Winner. l981. NWFVC.Commercial.l981.
Midwest Film Conference. Winner.l981.
NW Motion Picture Seminar. Winner.l981
American Film Festival.Winner.l981.
Athens Films Festival. Winner.l981.
A.S.I.F.A. Tournee.Winner.l972.  Canadian International. Winner.l974.
Bumbershoot. First.l971.
N.W.Film Compettion.First, Honorable Mention. l968. Second.l971
Iris Film Festival.Winner. l970.