Screen Plays

The Last Seduction of Mata Hari
Awards: Oregon Film Board Award, Willamette Writers Kay Snow Award.
Based on the life story of the most famous woman spy in the history of the world. She was the woman who introduced the strip tease to Europe through her erotic dance and became the lover of the era’s most famous men. Set against the backdrop of WW1, it is the story of personal and international betrayal.

Savage Queen
A comedy about an anthropologist who finds a Neanderthal woman, the last of her tribe and the poor hairy woman is desperate for human contact When the Neanderthal follows the scientist back to the modern world, the most unpredictable things happen between the two women. When the Neanderthal is discovered by the anthropologist’s lover and head of the department, she is loses her job, her lover, her credibility. In the end, the Neanderthal breaks loose from the forces that cage her and finds love and fame with the scientist’s brother who has a rock band. The anthropologist triumphs as well with a new love and the friendship with the Neanderthal that she has come to cherish.

Angelo and the Comedian
Based on a true story from 1950s. Angelo, a lonely 18 year old, is forced by his alcoholic father to attend chiropractic school which he hates. He lives in Brooklyn, a geek, in love with the cheerleader and he wants to be a musician. Angelo is hired by a fouled mouthed 70 year old, female stand-up comedian to be her chauffeur. Angelo enters a world he only suspected existed. He’d never been to Manhattan much less driven a car or had to wear a tuxedo. The old woman gives him a tough love course in the survival in the real world of entertainment and life in general. She gives him the courage to break from his father and become his own man.

Billy’s Back
Based on the true story of Billy Rancher. A beautiful, brash, self-absorbed young man in a local Oregon band breaks through. Arista signs him and his band, The unreal Gods. He’s on top of the world. He’s in love with an incredible girl, Karen. All the girls wants him which becomes a problem. The guys all want to be him. He’s into the drug scene while he’s writing songs, producing CDs, doing the work of four people. They’re recording their first album with Arista when he contracts testicular cancer. Like Lance Armstrong, he beats it. But Billy is young and into the self destructive party scene. He goes back to that life style and the cancer comes back. He beats it again. With the devotion of his girlfriend, mother and friends, he beats it two more times. Each time, he grows up a little, his songs mature and by the end he has become an incredible man of compassion who knows it’s his time to die.