One Act Plays

A popular comedy about a woman who is in such despair over the men she meets, she falls in love with her dog. They both sacrifice everything to be together only to find out they have bigger problems that have nothing to do with species.

Productions: Louisville Ten Minute Play Contest, Oregon Public Broadcasting benefit, Artist Rep, OR, Literuption, Conant Booksellers, Oasis Club, Artquake at the Schnitzer Theatre,Terra Nova Theatre, OR,Stage One, LA.


Slappy Slamdunk
The drama of a little boy and the loser father who abandons his son by leaving him with a famous basketball player he meets in the dining car of a train.

Productions: Artist Repertory Theatre, OR.



Mata Hari, Sketch of a Courtesan Monologue
Meet a charmer, a courtesan, the dancer that introduced the strip tease to Europe through her exotic and sensual dance. But was she the international spy that everyone said she was?

Productions: Portland Civic Theatre, Oregon Public Broadcasting Gala, Third Tuesday Theatre, Conant and Conant, OR.


Little Favors
A comedic drama about the horrors of friendship between two professional high profile Manhattan women.
Productions: First Stage, LA, Nat Horne Theatre, NY, OffOffBroadway, Studio X, Ashland.

A comedy about a husband who wants another woman to have their baby and the wife who doesn’t want a baby or the other woman in their lives.
Productions: Louisville Ten minute Play contest New Rose Theatre, Literuption.
Published: Meriweather Press

The Woman Who walked with a List
A comedy of a three generations of unusual women who meet on the grandmother’s grave to work out the absurdities of love and hate in their lives.
Productions: Storefront Best of Fest & Harbor Hall, OR, Studio X, Ashland, Portland State U Theatre.

Anne Frank Revisited – Oregon Children’s Theatre
A new version of Peter and Anne in the attic and what it means to be an adolescent in time of war.
Productions: Portland Center Stage, On tour to 70 schools in Oregon.

The Ghost of Rhody Al
A comedy monologue about Al, an anti-social computer genius who falls in love with Rhododendrons, builds a beautiful garden, and finally opens up to a love with a woman that turns so destructive he retires to his favorite Big White Bertha Rhody.
Productions: Artist Repertory Theatre OR, Literuption, Portland Art Museum.