Ms. Baross Goes to Cuba!

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From a recent literary tour to meet Cuban writers, Jan Baross has produced “Ms. Baross Goes to Cuba”. Aside from the delightful sketches and travel tips, she includes her experience of living with a Cuban family and witnessing their daily struggle to survive under the repressive regime.

Ms. Baross says, “People asked me if I liked Cuba and I tell them the most beautiful thing about Cuba was the resilient family I got to know. Their hearts were beautiful.”

Many of her iconic Cuban images found their way into her “Cuba Coloring Book” for children to get to know Cuba.

Ms. Baross goes to Mexico: San Miguel de Allende

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“San Miguel has been called a magical city. And now it has its own delightful talisman in this gem of a book by Jan Baross. If you want to know more about the people, the places and the essence of San Miguel, I can think of no better introduction than these lively, insightful, well crafted sketches and commentary. Jan’s instincts are impeccable." -Mark Saunders, author of “Nobody Knows the Spanish I Speak"

CLICK TO PURCHASE: AVAILABLE on Amazon and Barnes and Noble

Thumbs up! Having lived extensively in Paris, I call Ms. Baross’s charming and witty restaurant guide an unqualified triumph. She introduces me to restaurants I did not know existed and does it in the best French ‘bande dessiner’ tradition—that sophisticated comic book genre which, in France, can even include the life of Proust."  

—Lynn Jeffress, Paris journalist

Fifty-six pages of black and white illustrations and humorous commentary of my month long trip in Paris with Henry Millerís former chef, Twinka Theibaud. She was researching a book to uncover healthy dinning experiences. My job was to come along and eat. I sketched the places we went, the people we met and the unusual experiences that come to all of us travelers.


Cuba Coloring Book

CLICK TO PURCHASE: AVAILABLE on Amazon and Barnes and Noble

For those who love coloring books, there is nothing quite like the energetic images of Jan Baross’ Cuba! Use this book as a companion and guide. Can’t get to Cuba? This book is the next best thing to being there!